Understanding the Process

Our bodies are made of energy. Every cell in our being functions by use of energy, chemical signals and electrical nerve impulses. Did you know that emotions are energy? Different emotions produce different feelings; which contain frequency and vibrations. These feelings are forms of energy that are messages communicated from one cell to another by chemical signals and converted to an electrical impulse. That process is called Neuro synapse. Neuro synapse is vibrational energy being released to the next targeted cell as a means of communicating a desired message dictating a desired function in response to what is needed by the body.

Our emotions are powerful; our energy is powerful. Our Mind to body connection is vital to our health. We all experience the positive and negative side of emotions at some point in our lives. When we experience love, peace, joy, encouragement and support we feel secure, connected and powerful. These powerful experiences build up our self esteem. When we have negative experiences we feel inadequate and feel the effects of rejection, anger, jealousy, shame, doubt, disbelief, and fear. We store our emotions throughout our body. Every cell contains energy and memory as to how it is created to function. This energy travels throughout our body on the informational highways of our central nervous system and meridians.

Over a period of time when a cell receives a contrary message to its original blue print design, that continual negative message has the potential to change the DNA of the cell. That change in the cell causes the cell to communicate an altered message; which may lead to sickness and dis-ease in the body.

We all experience difficult times throughout our life. Sometimes we get stuck with feelings over a person or situation that was hurtful or harmful to us and we may carry those emotions for a long time stored somewhere in our body at a quantum cellular level. When we get stuck we may have a hard time letting go of emotions or perhaps we do not know how or we feel that we are not ready. Sometimes we think time will heal us, but time is not the answer. When we hold onto the past we are putting our energy into the past instead of the present. Each day we are given fresh energy for the day. Holding onto the past limits the energy you have for today. By holding onto the past you are not allowing yourself to live in the present; your energy and life force are not available for the present because they are directed at keeping your past alive. If you want to move forward in your life and in your healing process you must let go (release and forgive) the past to heal in the present. Finding the originating story and releasing the negative toxic energy and replacing it with positive energy is the key to longevity and restoration of your life force.

Trapped emotions in the body If ignored for too long may reveal itself by showing signs of pain, symptoms of sickness, and or disease.

If you are not living in your full potential or perhaps you or someone you know feels stuck or is experiencing anxiety, fatigue, pain in the body, emotional issues, behavioral issues, eating disorders, addictions, and or sleeplessness then perhaps its time to restore your personal power and vitality. Together we will organically get to the origins of the issue, release the negative energy, discover and restore the positive energy so that you can live a life of joy.

My services are organic in nature. I assess your mind body connection and energy balance, listen to your concerns and issues and address any energetic congestion you may have. Next I determine which healing modality or a combination of several modalities may be best for you to holistically heal from the inside out.

Helping you heal your Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul connections by restoring your personal power and vitality is what I do!