This is an in-depth assessment of the energetic body. I will asses five originating energetic factors. This report is approximately 10 – 13 pages.

The report is highly detailed information consisting of five main areas, which are Energy Balance, Energy Blocks, Emotional Blocks, Energy Intake Assessment, and Recommendations.

Energy Balance: Is the relationship of the mind/body connection. It is how the mind relates to the body and how well we understand this information. 

Energy Block: Is a reflection in the energy body of what is malfunctioning in the physical body.  It is an interpretation of the mind/body connection and how our thoughts affect our body.

Emotional Block: These are areas of congestion in the energy body caused by holding on to emotions, perhaps caused by trauma, rather than working through them and allowing clearing to take place.  This may be on a conscious level that one is aware of, or held on a deep subconscious level that we do not have awareness of how it is affecting our body. 

Energy Intake Assessment: Ideally, the body is designed to have positive energy flow through it.  The body allows this process through avenues such as positive thinking.  Other areas of intake are the seven main energy intake portals that the body has designed to allow energy to circulate throughout our physical system.  Evaluation will indicate the effects this has on your body and well-being.

Recommendations: Are very specific encouragements designed to help process the energetic congestion so that balance will be restored and the body’s energy will flow the way it was Divinely designed.

Danette’s Intuitive Assessment was a wonderful and unexpected gift to my soul. Her accuracy and innate ability to zero In on areas of my life in need of attention and healing was a welcome sight. I felt seen and understood. Thank you Danette! I would strongly recommend her services to others.
Sherry B.