A little bit of my story…
My journey into the Healing Arts has been a process over my entire life that began as a clairvoyant child and an avid dreamer. As an adult I studied ancient Hebraic Dream Interpretation and became a Certified Dream Interpreter and Instructor. I enjoyed working in the energetic healing arts so much that I began studying and applying my self to many types of healing modalities. Learning energy as medicine through the power of Divine Love has been an amazing journey in my life. Throughout the years I have become proficient in many healing modalities such as advanced SOZO healing, More Light Healing, Integrated Emotional Healing, Attuned Reiki Healer, Certified Medical Intuitive, Neuro Emotional Healthcare Practitioner, Whole Food Nutritional Advisor, Chakra Energy Healing / Readings, Dream Interpretation, as well as an offering in Archetype Readings and Ruach Card readings.  I have successfully worked with people in which physicians and others  could not find the cause to their aliments. Through our work together they have experienced the restoration of health, vitality, and joy which they had been seeking. I do not diagnose medical conditions nor do I promote that a Certified Medical Intuitive is a replacement for a licensed Physician.

I have traveled throughout the U.S. and abroad as a speaker, teacher and a trainer. I have taken teams of people to different events; such as Mind Body Spirit Expos, numerous festivals; where we have helped many people heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.

As a conference speaker I have spoken and taught others on the power of the Mind to Body connection, the Journey to Inner Healing, the Art of Tuning into the Divine, Interpreting and Understanding Your Dreams, Alternative Spirituality and more.

Please contact me if you would like to have personal healing or  bring what I have to offer to a Retreat, Conference or an in home gathering.

Blessings of Love & Light

Danette Fuller
Mother, Grandmother, Friend & Healer

Danette guided me thru “Integrated Emotional Healing”, a process that helped me to release long lasting stuck energy. This allowed for the clarity I had been ‘pushing for’ to present itself with ease and grace. I feel lighter, freer, and my heart is full! Danette’s kindness and compassion thru the process made it so easy to let go and heal. She creates safety on all levels. I am grateful.
Columbus, OH