Hi!  I am Danette Fuller, and welcome to my site. I inspire others to take their health and their life back by removing energetic toxicity and embracing organic, whole food nutrition. I am grateful to be a part of the healing journey of so many. 

As a Certified Medical Intuitive and Neuro Emotional Healthcare Practitioner, I prefer to address the healing journey from a holistic approach. We store toxic energy in our bodies. I guide people through the process of locating and removing this energy. Oftentimes, it may be behind issues that are blocking personal power and spiritual connection. It is important to bring homeostasis to the Body, Mind and Spirit. When the body is aligned as it should be energetically, the body can overcome limitations and the spirit can return to joy. I look forward to helping you move forward personally, within your life and/or career.

The nutrition we put in our body is so important in regards to how our bodies function on a daily basis. I help people with their micro nutritional needs through NSF Certified, whole food nutrition. I have personally restored my own body’s homeostasis and have helped many others to do the same. Our body is created to heal naturally. It will continue to rebuild and heal as we continue to fuel it with good nutrition. 

I look forward to working with you, let’s connect through my contact page

Danette will help you connect to and empower your soul, spirit and original blue print in healing energetic congestion in your body and restoring your personal power. She will help you understand the Mind Body connection and its vital role in restoring your health and “Chi” (life force); emerging from the shadows into the Presence of Divine Love and Light to live the life you desire.

As a Certified Medical Intuitive, Transpersonal Therapist, Healer, Spiritual and Intuitive Counselor; her services are organic in nature. She will assess your mind to body connection and energy balance, listen to your concerns and issues and address any energetic congestion you may have. Next she will determine and discuss with you which healing modality or a combination of several modalities that may be best for you to holistically heal from the inside out. Together you move forward in healing your journey.