Metaphysical / Spiritual Energy Cleanse & Clearing

What is Metaphysical / Spiritual Energy Cleanse & Clearing?

It is riding and permanently removing the negative effects of unwanted metaphysical/spiritual energy of a space or object.

Everything and everyone has energy and whether or not you choose believe it you can definitely feel it. Have you ever been someplace that gave you feelings of being creeped out or made you uncomfortable? Or perhaps you or someone you know picked up the energy of a space and it affected them by altering some sort of behavior?

Have you ever been behind someone in a line at a store or somewhere and noticed yourself choosing to step away from the person in front of you or behind you? You may have noticed that the persons energy didn’t feel good to you. Likewise have ever felt drawn to someone and wanted to be closer to them because you enjoyed their energy, their vibes?

At some point we may have experienced one or all of the above scenarios in our life.

Perhaps you or someone you know is experiencing some sort of metaphysical concerns in a home, on some land, personal objects, or perhaps where one works has some sort of negative energy that is effecting you or someone you know. Perhaps the energy of the space feels off and you feel like someone or something is there and or watching you. Perhaps you are experiencing feelings of depression, anxiety, having suicidal thoughts, feeling very emotional or are experiencing emotional outbursts. Sometimes one can experience sickness that comes on them because of the negative metaphysical / spiritual energy that is surrounding them.

I know it may sound crazy but its true. There isn’t one rule or reason that leads to understanding the “why” behind it or how the metaphysical / spiritual energy  may remain in certain places; its all contextual to the specific circumstances.

How I help:
I have been given the gift of being an empath (discerning of spirits) and I am highly trained in using my intuition. Using the gifts Divine Love has given me along with an understanding of authority and locating portals in the spirit realm that perhaps others may overlook. This has helped me to become adept in Metaphysical/Spiritual Energy cleansing and clearing.

If you are having issues or concerns about someone you may know, home, land, and or personal objects contact me and perhaps I may be of help to you.

If you are  purchasing a new home or you a realtor and you would like to have the energy of a home or business cleansed before you or your client moves in, contact me and we will make arrangements to set that up.

An example of a
Home Cleansing

Several years ago I met a couple who came to me because they noticed that there small child was acting out of character. He began to randomly run into the street, he was not listening to his parents, he became sick shortly after they moved into their new home. As the time progressed the young boy increasingly became worse. This went on for a couple of years. They had tried many things and sought out several people to help with no avail. By the time they came to me they were terrified of how sick their son had become and he continued the pattern of running into the street randomly. They were desperate to do something about it.

As I walked through their house room by room I assessed the energy in each room. I came to understand the master bedroom was carrying sickness. I asked them about who lived in the house before them. Through our conversation they told me that they had bought the house from an elderly couple and the husband had been very sick for a long time before his passing. When I assessed the energy in their sons room I could feel that there was a source of energy, a portal that was in the basement under the boys room.

We went downstairs to investigate the basement to find the source. As I assessed the area I could feel the energy coming from behind this one wall that was directly under the boys room. I explained to them that the portal for this negative energy was behind the wall and encouraged them to tear the wall down to see what was behind it.

About a week later I received a phone call from them asking me to come over again. They had torn the wall down and wanted to show me what they had found.  What we saw was a picture of an elderly man when he was in his late twenties dressed in a military uniform. This was the previous home owner they told me. Along with this picture was a note and both were nailed to the 2 x 4 stud that was in the wall. The note contained his name his rank of service and all the places he traveled. He stated that he had built the house, it was his and that he was living in it.

In essence what he did was nail his spirit to the house; so his energy remained.

I performed a ceremony where we honored him and thanked him for his service. We blessed all of his travels and who he was as a person and gave thanks for his life to Divine Love. Next I had the owners of the home state a statement of appreciation for the home he had built. Then I had instructed them to exercise their authority in ownership of the home. They stated the purchase date that they had bought the home and declared their rights to the home because of the purchase agreement and that they were the proper home owners now. Then we acknowledged his desire to be known and then we blessed him to be free from the home and to go to the light and to be reunited with his energy to be whole. Finally we burned his picture and his letter and declared his freedom with gratitude for who he was as a human when he was alive.

Within 24 hours the boy was back to normal and no longer sick. His parents also reported to me that he was no longer running in the street and he was again listening to them. They were so excited that their home felt so clean energetically and they were back to their normal life again.