Integrated Emotional Healing Session

Do You Desire…

*Increased Mental Clarity
*Increased Peace 
*Emotional Resilience
*Decreased Trauma Triggers
*Ability to Create Healthy Relationships 
*Restoration of Health and Vitality

Do you struggle with…

Negative thought patterns that rob you of the joy and freedom you want to experience?

Self sabotaging behaviors that block you from creating the future you desire?

Unhealthy emotional responses to your current circumstances?

If you said yes to any of the above then you would benefit from an Integrated Emotional Healing Session.

This is ideal for anyone who has a tendency with emotional outbursts, anger, feels stuck, lost, hopeless, or like you are in a rut.

During your session we will together organically discover your originating limiting beliefs. The toxic energy of these limiting beliefs are removed by releasing the origins of the trigger responses. With these energetic toxins removed you are able to create new neuro pathways that will energetically transmit the divine messages of your original Divine design and blue print.

Through your Integrated Emotional Healing session emotional blocks and energetic congestion are removed and personal power is restored. 

Utilizing a cutting-edge pneumo-electro-biochemical systematic methodology we discover and neutralize embedded, toxic chemical messages held at the unconscious level that block you from being your authentic self. By effectively working with the principles of brain neuroplasticity and epigenetic, IEH supports the your ability to experience an “electro-magnetic reset” in every session and realize incremental healthy mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual changes. The soul is layered; therefore, restoration is a transformation process.

IEH is used to identify and rewire the brain’s neurological imbalances and supports the creation of new, authentic, healthy paradigms. “Real healing creates real change!”

I feel like I had been seeking help from therapists in years past during and after my divorce and they could never quite help me with what I needed . They didn’t ‘ see ‘ my problem if you will , my block . I feel like when I spoke with Danette , she really saw who I was and where I was broken as a person , where I needed the most help. Physically and emotionally - as the two tied together for me . Danette helped me to go through and find all of the negativity / blocks and release those . This ; I could never do with any of the therapists I had ever seen in the past . It was not even offered . Danette was the first person I met who I felt really saw where I needed the help and could help me mentally and physically.
Dayton, OH